1. drunkadrian:


    nice misprint on this exclusive terry green merch drunkadrian… can’t even spell your own band name right ya dingus…

    This is bootleg soap. Please don’t buy it we just contacted our lawyers

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  2. omg cant believe I got the terry green setlist!!!

  3. doug:

    Spookey Ruben - “These Days are Old”

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  4. drunkadrian:

    haha im such an idiot


  5. puretography:

    Sixpence non the richer - Kiss me

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  6. couchkingemo:

    Ozona Records are releasing a limited lathe cut 7” of Grammer’s Awesome Knifes to help their vocalist raise money to pay for his hospital bills. Read a statement from the band below and preorder a copy here.


    "basically the day I broke my jaw I was like way fucking malnourished and…

  7. powerviolifts:

    Aaron bought cigars

    "Parker! Get me pictures of Spider-Man!!"

  9. karasratworld:

    You haven’t seen happiness until you’ve seen 7 rats in a box of (pet safe) packing peanuts

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  10. power stance