1. cityxorchards:

    Terry Green
    July 1, 2014
    The Masonic Lodge

  2. drunkadrian:


    "Shrek is life."

    "you’re playing the whole thing?!?"
    - response we got about the “shrek is love/shrek is life” sample we played at the beginning of our set

  3. drunkadrian:

    okay i left out sun o))) because i tried nd failed but this is probably one of the coolest things ive drawn ever

  4. making-with-the-stale-air:

    Terry Green at The Masonic Lodge, Canada Day.

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  5. drunkadrian:


    A lil snap of Terry Green at the Canada Day show!

    oh shit

  6. cityxorchards:

    This Canada day was amazing.
    Iris, Terry Green, and Wolf Ticket were sick.


  7. drunkadrian:



    Stop reblogging this


  8. blue friend Announce Debut Album


    blue friend will be releasing i will your blue friend through Life Is Perfect Records and Dog Knights Productions. Check out the album artwork below!



  9. wafflzovrbtchz:

    the smashing pumpkins // 1979

    mellon collie and the infinite sadness

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  10. realscreamo:

    Hot Cross || History Fell In The Heart Broke Open

    There’s something to be said for the ones you think of last when there’s nothing left to salvage from your fucking past