1. karasratworld:

    You haven’t seen happiness until you’ve seen 7 rats in a box of (pet safe) packing peanuts

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  2. power stance


  3. American Football - The Summer Ends


  4. clinging:

    Suis La Lune - Hands Are For Helping

    why don’t you believe me when I tell you it’s gonna be alright?

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  5. emobandsusingthesamearresteddevelopmentquoteforasongtitle.jpg

  6. drunkadrian:

    Haven’t gotten the j-cards printed out at a place yet so I just made one at home with my printer to show some people.
    What do ya’ll think of the TG tapes?

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  9. drunkadrian:

    my band Terry Green just released our ep today
    it was my first time trying to front a band/write lyrics/scream and a lot of other things
    im really proud of the way our EP came together and i really want everyone to listen to it
    thank you all
    FFO: Early Alexisonfire, Leer, Animal Faces

  10. cityxorchards:

    my ynot shoulder bag is all patched up. 🚴