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  2. perpetualisolation:

    You Blew It! - Good For Bond, Bad For You

    sink or swim, you’re drowning in 
    what’s left of your confidence. 
    we’re watching you try way too hard.
    everything that you claim you’re into, 
    you’re nothing to get attached to.
    I wish I was brave enough to say this all to your face, 
    but you’ll hear it anyways from everyone around you.

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  3. saltysirius:

    365 Songs - 124/365

    Taking Back Sunday - Makedamnsure

    I’m gonna make damn sure that you can’t ever leave

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    Terry Green
    July 1, 2014
    The Masonic Lodge

  7. drunkadrian:


    "Shrek is life."

    "you’re playing the whole thing?!?"
    - response we got about the “shrek is love/shrek is life” sample we played at the beginning of our set

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    okay i left out sun o))) because i tried nd failed but this is probably one of the coolest things ive drawn ever

  9. making-with-the-stale-air:

    Terry Green at The Masonic Lodge, Canada Day.

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    A lil snap of Terry Green at the Canada Day show!

    oh shit